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    TL-SG105E and ESX?

    Model : TL-SG105E

    Hardware Version : 3.0

    Firmware Version :

    1.0.0 Build 20171214 Rel.70092

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Trying to use VLANs to setup a small home lab.

    I have the modem plugged into port 1. No DHCP from the modem. Single IP only.
    I have an ESX 6.5 host plugged into port 2 with one gigabit NIC (M93P Tiny)
    Ports 3, 4, and 5 have a media box, PS4, and Wireless AP.

    VLAN 1 is the LAN
    VLAN 2 is the WAN

    I want to have port 2 tagged with both VLAN 1 and 2 as a trunk port. Since the modem isn't VLAN aware I want it to be on VLAN 1 and tag/untag it so that it can be picked up by the ESX box.

    I don't want 3, 4, or 5 to be able to talk to the modem.

    This is how everything is tagged currently and the PVID for all 5 ports is set to VLAN 1:

    VLAN ID VLAN Name Member Ports Tagged Ports Untagged Ports Delete
    1 LAN 2-5 2 3-5
    2 WAN 1-2 2 1

    I will be setting up a VM on the ESX box to run pfSense for DHCP and Server 2016 for DNS. I have setup 2 port groups on the ESX box. Both are tagged with VLANs 1 and 2. The pfSense VM has both adapters connected and the Server 2016 VM has the LAN adapter connected.

    When I fire up the pfSense box to autoconfigure the WAN, it can't find a link.

    What am I doing wrong? Will ESX even pickup the VLAN settings?
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    Maybe you can change the PVID of port1 to 2. The port1 belongs to VLAN2 and it's untagged. Only the PVID of port1 is 2, the data from port1 will belongs to VLAN2.

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    Tried that and still nothing.

    Will port 2 act as a trunk port with the configuration I have it in now?

    Has anyone tried using one of these with an ESX host? If I have to return it, what would be the minimum model I would need to have a trunk port that would be recognized by ESX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellanist View Post
    This is how everything is tagged currently and the PVID for all 5 ports is set to VLAN 1:
    This is the cause that it does not work.

    Port 1 needs to have PVID 2 (WAN), ports 2 (trunk) and 3-5 (LAN) should have PVID 1. The ESX on port 2 needs to route from LAN (VID 1) to WAN (VID 2).


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