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    T1600G-52PS : dropped SMB connections + high CPU utiilization

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    I'm wondering what is an acceptable cpu-load on this switch, with very low utilization the CPU is using ca 42% constantly. Is this expected, my managed switches (less ports) have much less cpu-usage?
    (only PoE, 2 VLANs and remote logging are used at the moment, no special routing, snooping, ...)

    This question because of the following problem:
    At a customer I installed a T1600G-52PS, it has 5 PoE access points connected, 3 brand new pc's with direct wired connection, an older pc connected through wifi, Synology NAS and some other network-connected devices.

    All seems to work fine, but there is some strange problem with a mapped drive (hosted on the NAS) from the 3 wired pc's. All of a sudden the fileshare is not available any more for a very short moment, which results in crashes of the accounting software using the mapped drive. However, the older pc which sits on wi-fi does not suffer this problem. I already investigated a bunch of other possible causes without result.

    Thanks for any feedback,

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    Although I do not know why you meet this issue, But 42% is must not high CPU load, So CPU load is not the reason of this issue.
    Maybe you can capture the packet


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