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    Editing Client Names on VR2800 and Tether App

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    I've just purchased and install a Archer VR2800 modem router. I wondered if anyone can confirm if it is possible to edit the default Client names listed in the routers configuration pages to make it easier to identify devices?

    In the Client List of the Advanced tab there appears to be no way to edit them but in the Basic tab under Network Map selecting either the wired or wireless icon brings up a list of connected devices where it would appear the Client names can be edited. It also looks like Client names can be edited in the Tether app although any changes made here don't seem to be reflected in the Client lists in the routers configuration pages. I haven't actually tried to save any changes because I don't want to mess anything up. If they can be edited are there any special naming requirements? Default names don't seem to contain any special characters or spaces. Is it possible to use spaces when naming? For example, change My-PC to My PC.

    Thanks for any help given.


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    Yes you can edit client name. As for to use space, you can try it. There will be error message if it doesn't accept.

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    Hi Shield 101. So Client names can be edited but it appears only in the Basic settings area of the web interface and not in the Advanced Settings. Changes can also be made to Client names in the TP Link Tether app but changes made in the app aren't reflected in the web interface and vice versa. So I think the renaming of Clients is just for identification purposes and won't have any negative effect on communication between devices on the network. Thanks.

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    Hi Shield101

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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