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    SNMP Support for TL-ER5120

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    We have a TL-ER5120 v2 with firmware 1.0.8 Build 20140212 Rel.36037

    I am setting up the monitoring of our devices and I wanted to include the TL-ER5120 in that monitoring.

    In the doc, it states how to do activate SNMP (section 3.6.3 SNMP of the user guide v2.1.0).
    When I go in the device interface (logged as admin), I can't find the Maintenance/SNMP entry:

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    Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi I don't think TL-ER5120 v2 support snmp. Where do you find the doc? I just checked tp-link website to glance at user guide and didn't find what you said. Please show

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    TL-ER5120 User's guide v2.1

    Unfortunately, I can't upload the whole manual (the forum refuses it because it is 4,88 Mb big.).
    So I just send a screenshot of the start of the SNMP chapter.
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    I can't find that guide anymore on TP-Link's download page (only version 2.0 available). So maybe they integrated SNMP support and removed it at the last moment...

    Maybe TP-Link can give clues?



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    I have this same problem with configuration


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