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Thread: VLAN access

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    VLAN access

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    We have 2 managed eap's 330 on our network which hold 2 ssids, one for the private network and one for the guests each on different vlans. These are managed from a machine on the private vlan and therefore when we setup the portal feature on these eap's they do not work because the management machine is on the private vlan. Is there a way on the TL-R480T+ to allow cross vlan access to the ip of the management machine?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What's your hardware version? In my opinion TL-R480T+ v9 could.

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    Thanks for your response. The unit is V9 with the latest firmware.

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    TL-R480T+ V9 - latest firmware

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    Quote Originally Posted by jd2801 View Post
    TL-R480T+ V9 - latest firmware
    The main page of Network---->VLAN to configure

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    I already have the VLan's configured, my issue is can i allow the controller to access both vlans?


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