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    AV2000 Degraded performance

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    So I got a pair of AV2000s around 6 months ago and was getting a link speed of roughly 1250-1300mbps which translated into a real speed of about 300mbps (lan transfers or internet).

    I've not made any changes to my setup at all and in fact am still getting a link speed of 1250-1300mbps but now I'm not only getting a real speed of 80-100mbps.

    Any ideas?

    If I connect directly to my modem I'm getting 380mbps so it's not my internet, but if I connect across the adaptors the speed is terrible, when just a few weeks ago it was 3 times faster!

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    no model number? how did you connect across the adaptors, via Ethernet or WiFi? If WiFi is slow, change wireless channel and channel width. If Ethernet is slow, or both, change cable, update firmware.


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