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    Lightbulb Archer VR900v SIP accounts for internal VoIP phones

    Model : VR900v

    Hardware Version : v1

    Firmware Version : last available

    Hi everyone,

    after my AVM Fritzbox failed I have purchased the TP-Link Archer VR900v V1 because I have read great reviews about it.
    I have some VoIP phones that I had connected to my Fritzbox and they worked as an internal extension. I could create SIP accounts on the Fritzbox an assign internal numbers so I could make calls between them. It was like a little VoIP server.
    Now I have tried to find the same functionality on the TP-Link but without success. Am I missing something or is it not possible? If it is not possible, could it be added in a future firmware update? I am sure the TP-Link already has something similar because we can use the tpPhone App, but I need to be able to create SIP accounts (max. 5 or 10 accounts would be great if the hardware can handle it)...

    It is a shame if TP-Link does not add this function on future firmware updates, because for almost the same price we can have a Fritzbox with more functions...

    Hope TP-Link will add this on the next firmware update...

    Best regards from Portugal!
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    You don't see VoIP under Advanced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vieldcs View Post
    You don't see VoIP under Advanced?
    Yes, I see, but this is just to configure external SIP accounts from VoIP providers.
    What I need is to create internal SIP accounts on the VR900v and be able to register this accounts in my VoIP phones inside my LAN. On the VoIP phones the registrar would be the VR900v.
    On the cheapest Fritzbox with VoIP functions like the 7412 this is already possible.
    Here is how it works on a Fritzbox: https://en.avm.de/service/fritzbox/f...setting-it-up/
    Here some screenshots (in german): https://www.talkmaster.de/telefon-so...-fritzbox.html
    Hope TP-Link can add this missing feature on the VR900v (an other identical models) so it can be a true replacement to the Fritzbox brand.
    Anybody knows a TP-Link email contact to ask for this feature?

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    You can email tplink your advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shield101 View Post
    You can email tplink your advice.
    Hi, do you know an email address for suggestions or do I have to write them to the normal support email?

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    Try www.tp-link.com and look for support , you will get an answer from technical support directly that way and it should direct you to your countries support page ,

    here is a direct link to UK support , https://www.tp-link.com/uk/support-c...E-mail-Support. where you can try .

    or this is to email straight to TP-Link Technical Support , NOT UK support and NOT country specific :


    But don't hold your breath ,for some reason TP-Link are not as good as they used to be at releasing firmware updates , a few years ago they were superb and
    would release beta firmware fixes quite quickly for users to test personally to see if it would fix issues , almost like field testing before releasing to its general users ,
    and were available on the website with the normal warning that it was a beta firmware and test only if you knew how to revert if it was no good for you ,
    nowadays that all seems to have stopped ?
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