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    VR600V Address Reservation Bug

    Model : VR600V

    Hardware Version : VR600v v2 00000000

    Firmware Version : 0.2.0 0.9.1 v0075.0 Build 170511 Rel.54117n


    I found a similar bug description here:

    The same behaviour is true for my Archer VR600V using
    - Firmwareversion:
    - Hardwareversion:Archer VR600v v2 00000000

    I cannot add more static addresses. The input field is grayed out. What is the maximum number of entries and are there any plans to extend the number if this behaviour is intentional?

    Thanks for your replies and best regards,
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    maximum is 32

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    Thx for your reply on this.

    I get the grayed out input box already after 10 entries.

    The linked thread in my initial post referred to a beta firmware which fixed the issue so I was hoping for some solution for the VR600V as well.

    Any other thoughts on this are highly appreciated...

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    I tested the GUI using Firefox developer tools and was able to disable the gray overlay. After disabling, I was able to add more entries, but the list of scanned devices to choose from didn't switch to the next page (no refresh).

    For me it looks like a bug related to the GUI since the functionality to add more devices was working underneath.

    How to address this bug properly so it gets resolved by the developers from TP-Link?

    Thx and best regards,

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    Tplink say it will be fixed in the next firmware


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