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    HS100 turning on without schedule?

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    Hi All,

    I recently bought a HS100 wifi plug to power a small fan heater in the garage, initially I just scheduled it to switch off at midnight every night, with no instructions to turn on, the intention being I would manually switch it on, and it would automatically switch off at the end of the evening if I forgot. Due to some extreme weather here, I didn't work in the garage for a week or so after installing it, however upon checking the Kasa app I discovered it was reporting the heater had been running for about 80 hours that week. Is this a bug, or have I fundamentally misunderstood something about how scheduling works?

    I went in the garage briefly a couple of times during the week and never saw the fan on, so it's possibly just a bug in the way it counts runtime (hopefully so as a fan heater running for 80 hours costs a bit!)



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    Are you using the latest kasa app? No such problem on my app.


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