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    Archer VR400 - DSL Bridge mode while keeping WiFi AP funcitonality

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    Hi all!

    I've got a VR400 operating as a VDSL router and AP, with DHCP off. I currently have my own Linux router and an existing WLAN AP at the other end of the house. I'd like to put the Archer into VDSL bridge mode, but keep the WLAN AP working.

    I currently have a TP Link Easy smart switch next to the Archer, and at the router.

    I'd like to either have the Archer have one port as the DSL Bridge, and another as the main switch/AP, or either on specific VLANs so I can run the bridge over to my router and have the WLAN traffic on the main VLAN.

    Is this possible on the stock firmware? There doesn't seem to be any useful documentation on bridge mode.

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    You want to connect both your switch and the router to the VR400 in DSL bridge mode? The switch would not work in that case. You've set VLAN on your router or the switch?

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    No, I want to put the Archer into bridge mode, have the DSL/PPPoE stuff come out one port and still be able to connect the WLAN to the normal network. So I want to split the archer into two blocks - a DSL modem and a WLAN AP.

    I would use the managed switch to trunk the two ethernet "cables" (one for DSL and one for normal LAN) over to my custom router.


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