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    all smartbulbs lost after power cut

    Model :
    [h=1]LB110 [/h]
    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version : latest

    ISP : [/COLOR]


    i have a huge problem, I operate smart bulbs on remote sites and today i had 6 hours of power outage and now i lost all my smart bulbs.
    Is there any way to bring them back on? I can not reach with KASA app?

    Please help and tell me this wont happen again.

    This is a huge disadvantage if its "normal" behavior.
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    Are they showing up on the kasa app when you operate on local site? If not, you need to add them to the app. If you can operate them locally but not remotely, check whether remote control is enabled. The power outage may have reset the bulbs

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    mate i am 2500miles away and this is very annoying if this is normal. Smartplugs are fine but Smartbulbs are gone, inactive in from the Kasa app. PLEASE fix the firmware as noone will buy this product otherwise.

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    smart bulb will reboot or reset itself when it's switched on and off a few times. Is it that the power coming in and out during the outage?

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    I am able to reach the remote site and i run a WIFI search thanks to a Ubiquiti system on site. This shows the TP-link bulbs are in AP mode.
    Now what I desperately want is a way to connect and configure them remotely over command line.

    I am a linux engineer, not a lame home user.

    I would like to control the bulbs from a local linux box, just like it is possible with TP-link smart plugs:

    Funny or Sad thing is, the Smartplugs are million times more stable, they dont lose their configs
    So, how i could configure them now what i see them in AP mode?
    These all would not be necessary if the firmware would be written as good as for the smartplugs.
    Why the bulbs dont keep their config?
    Power went out 6 hours, did not come back during that period.

    The bulbs should never lose the config unless the user manually reset them. Once they can reconnect the wifi network, all should be good, but now they are all in AP mode.


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