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    Question Archer D9 - USB 3 storage size limitation?

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    I have bought the Archer D9 which is a really good modem. I wanted to use it as a "NAS" by plugging a USB Hard Disk. I have a Seagate Backup Plus 8 TB. It is not seen by the D9 on the USB 3 port....but yes on the USB 2 port. I need to use the USB 3 port for the speed of this standard. I saw there a limit for the size of a partition:


    It doesn't speak about Archer D9 but is it the same dor this modem/router? Do I need to create 4 partitions of 2TB each one to see the HDD plugged on the usb 3 port? Why does it work in USB 2??

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    I think D9 should be the same with the the other Archer routers. Did you have a power supply for your HDD?

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    Hello, thanks for your answer. Yes I have a power supply .

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    I have split the HDD in 4 parititons of 1,82TB and I still don't see it in USB3. A solution please from TPLink?

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    I tried with another small HDD of 700GB and it is not recognized too even if the leds on the modem and on the hdd are up... My firmware is: 0.9.1 0.1 v0041.0 Build 160303 Rel.59004n

    Is there a fix for this usb 3 issue please TP Link?


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