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    WA850RE channels issue

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    Hello.Since I'm at dorm, the internet is public. They did not include the mac filtering, so anyone with correct pw can join the network.So, when I try to setup repeater, it asks me to choose region (as I live in Montenegro, on the version that I'm using (3.14.8; hardware is 1.2) it doesnt show me my country). When I pick, for example, a nearby Croatia, it shows me wide specter of reachable wifis. The one that i want to connect is located on channel 13, the other one is on channel 10. When I connect my extender on ch13, I can not find it from my laptop nor connect on it. The driver on the laptop is latest and I didnt have any problem with it before. With ch10 it works, but my strength on ch10 is like 30%, but on the other, it is over 60. I've been using repeater on other networks and it worked perfectly. Anyone has any idea how can I fix this?Thanks in advance.

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    If the extender connects to the network on channel 13, it won't work? Do you get the RE led? Does the main network disappear or you just cannot find the extended network?


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