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    Replacing Wireless N Router with TL-SG105 unmanaged switch

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    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Our current situation with our Association security camera is :

    Analog Cam NVR Cat5eCable(to hook up laptop)
    | | |
    \ | /
    Wireless TP N Router (300 Mbps)

    The router has those three inputs into LAN ports.
    To access the NVR (IC Realtime), I plug laptop into LAN via the cable and
    go to

    The problem is the router is too slow and I want to speed that bottleneck up.
    I bought a TL-SG105 unmanaged switch (v3) and thought I could just swap it out, plug in and I would be okay.
    It appears the Cam and NVR are talking (flashing yellow light)
    But I'm not able to see the NVR with the laptop.
    Am I doing something wrong? Is it more than plug and play or do I have the wrong switch?


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    If you replace the router by a switch, you need to use static IPs for all devices (especially for your laptop, but also for the Cams and the NVR). A switch just interconnects the devices, it does not offer services such as dynamic IP address assignment, which is done by a router when using its LAN ports. BTW: the LAN ports of almost any wireless router are switches, too.

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    Okay, so total noob move.
    So I need a router is what your saying. (correct me if I'm wrong)
    Is there a simple high speed router (I don't need wireless) with a min 4 LAN ports?
    I'm finding 300Kbs is just too slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaJo View Post
    I have no experience with R600VPN, but there is a group in this forum with R600 experts.

    But make sure before buying, that the switch can handle the throughput you want to achieve (look for "NAT throughput").

    BTW, did you really mean 300 Kbps or rather 300 Mbps?

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    300 Mbps as in original post, my bad.


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