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    HS200 and Fluorescent tube lights issue

    I correctly installed a HS200 switch to replace an old switch that turns on 4 banks of tube lights (T8) in the drop ceiling of my basement. It is installed correctly and connected to my wifi network but I cannot turn on the tube lights either manually thru the switch or thru the Kasa app. The wifi light is on (when dark) and the switch makes a click everytime I use the app to turn it on or off but the lights do not turn on.
    Eventually I replaced the HS200 with the old switch and it turns on the tube lights.
    Does any one know the problem? The tube light fixtures are about 15 years old and most likely have magnetic ballasts

    (I replaced two other old switches that controlled regular bulbs (not tube lights) with HS200 switches and these are working great.
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    It probably has nothing to do with those being fluorescent, the HS200 is a simple switch (relay). If you're hearing a click of course it's working - the problem then is defective wiring either inside or outside of the switch. Double check for loose connectors, and whether your wiring is "power through fixture" (which won't work) vs "power through switch" which will. A google search will find the appropriate wiring diagrams for each. One way to tell is if the switch box only has one 14-2 wire coming into it.

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    hello dsam, did you figure out how to use the HS200 with the Flourescent fixture, l am having the same issue, everything connects, ligth just don't kick on
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    Can anyone please answer the question

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    Hmmm. I already did... There's nothing special about florescent lights, there's something wrong with your wiring (most likely) or with the switch itself (unlikely 'if it's clicking).

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    What doesn't make sense is my current switch has 2 wires, and no ground, so l should be able to just connect the tp link switch, don't understand about the wiring.. 2 wires go to the switch, if l remove the switch and connect the 2 wires, the lights come on, if l connect the tp link switch and its connected to wifi and app, switch makes a click noise but nothing!!

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    No. I could not figure out a solution for this. Have not had time to devote to this yet.

    It is not the switch (lights on and clicks every time when tried from the app). I pulled out the HS200 switch and put back the old dumb switch and it turns the lights on from the first go. Do you still think the wiring could be the issue? If that is the case, would the old dumb switch work (as it is doing now)?

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    contact tplink support for a solution

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    If there's only two wires, you can't just hook them up to the HS200, it's a powered device. I assume you mean there's no neutral - not having ground is quite dangerous. If there's no neutral the switch is probably rebooting every time you try to turn it on. The device must have neutral and line in as well as load out and ground. With only 2 wires (that's a single 14-2) there it's almost certainly power through fixture wiring so it's not going to work. The other no-go is if there's a 14-3 wire (white,black,red) then it's a 3-way switch and it won't work there without some fiddling.

    An unpowered "dumb" switch works there because it's just shorting the wires. The HS200 does that as well using it's relay (which is why it doesn't matter what kind of light you have), but the switch needs to stay powered to keep the relay closed.

    So yeah, it'll be a wiring issue (though in theory it could be the HS200 is defective). Same thing to check - if it's rebooting when you turn it on you'll hear a click but then it's LED will flash for a bit as it restarts and reconnects - power through fixture and/or no neutral. If it's not rebooting then double check you've got the line in and load out wires connected properly and tightly (and the neutral and ground!).


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