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    printing problems

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    I have a problem with printing to my wifi printer. It is connected to my TP-Link powerline extender in my annex via the wifi. When I am inside my main house and connected to the vigrin wifi (not the tp link) and try to print, sometimes it will, but often it will say either printer not found or offline. If I then take my laptop outside, as soon as it connects to the TP Link it starts printing. Any ideas why it is intermittent from inside the house? My partner has the same problem with her mac. Virgin have updated my router and then forwarded me to a gadget team that wanted to charge me so thought I would try here first. Any help appreciated.

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    Did you clone the wireless settings from the virgin wifi to the tplink? If they have the network name, set a different name for the tplink; if they are different now, change the tplink same as virgin wifi. Try either way.


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