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    Can Alexa treat selected HS100s as lights?

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    I have a few Echo Dots in my house and I'm dipping my toe into home automation by way of a handful of HS100s. I have two uses for the plugs:

    1. as a controllable power source for devices in a room (e.g. to simply power on/off the computer, monitors, shredder, printer in my study).
    2. as a controller for lights.

    It is the second of these that I would like address. With Alexa groups I can add one of my Echo Dots to a device group. E.g. the I can create a group containing the Dot in my kitchen along with a pair of HS100s that are controlling a pair of lights. If these were smart bulbs, I could walk into the kitchen and instruct Alexa to "turn on the lights". The Dot would control the smart bulbs in its group.

    The question: is there a way to specify/configure a specific HS100 so that it behaves as a light?

    Interestingly, TP-Link encourages this use case in its Smart Plug FAQ (8th question).

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    The answer is yes.

    In the Alexa IOS app:

    - Select Smart Home, then Devices.
    - Select a plug, then Edit.
    - Toch the Type field and you will be presented with the option of changing the Type from Plug to Light.

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    The answer is yes.

    In the IOS Alexa app, find your HS100 under Smart Home, Devices. Select the HS100 in question and Edit its properties, specifically select Type and change it from Plug to Light.

    Now, pick Groups and add a group and give it a name. I called mine "Kitchen" because there's a Dot in my kitchen. I aded the kitchen Dot to the group plus the two x HS100 that Alexa now understands are powering lights.

    Now, the I am in the kitchen, I can say "Alexa, turn on the lights", "Alexa, lights off", etc without having to specify the room name. The local Dot simply apples the instructions to the lights in its room.


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