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    Newbie. Powerline AV1000 is working, but can't connect Charter/Spectrum Wifi

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    Just purchased the TL-PA7020 kit with 2 adapters. I simply wanted to hook up an older desktop that is located in another part of the house. I have successfully installed the adapters and the desktop is connected to the internet.No problems there.

    But now I need to reconnect my wireless router from Charter/Spectrum. I want to access the laptops and smartphones through that wireless connection. I'm not very tech savvy, so bear with me. I think I need to run the ethernet cord from the Powerline adapter over to the wireless router. I'm not sure if I plug the cord into the WAN slot of the wireless router or one of the Ethernet slots. Neither of them seem to work. When I plug it into the WAN slot, there is a red light on the front of the wireless router. When I plugged into an ethernet slot, there are 2 blinking green lights. I checked my laptop and it can connect the wireless router network, but says there is no internet. This particular wireless router from Charter does have a required password that cannot be changed. Please help!

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    When it is the case: modem--7020a, 7020b--desktop, it works. Now you want to connect: modem--7020a, 7020b--wireless router? If you plug the cord into the WAN slot, the router would be a router, if in Ethernet slot, it's access point to some extent. Both are OK. Depends on how you want to use it. And I think you may need to configure the router. You can connect the router to the modem directly first, set up the router, connect it back to the 7020b if it's all set.
    Oh, do you have a tplink router? You may need to contact the vendor of the router to help you configure it.


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