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    RE580D - No internet connection - Previously working

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    Hi all,

    I've owned this RE580D (ver 1.0) for about 5 months now. I use it to extend the range on my internal network which is DSL -> TP-Link WDR3600 -> TP-Link RE580D

    Last couple of weeks, the extended network has provided spotty internet access through the devices connected, which range from android phones, Macbook, iPhone and iPads.

    I have attempted upgrading the firmware to 1.0.0 Build 20171122 Rel. 53701, performed a factory reset, and done hard reset using the pinhole reset button to no avail.

    We're all able to connect to the extended network, but there is no internet access through it.

    Extended network SSID names are different than the host names. I have DHCP disabled on the RE580D and enabled on the main router.

    Not sure where to try next. Any help appreciated.

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    If the LED is lit, indicating the extender is connected to router, check the IP address of your device connected to RE. If IP address is given by the RE, you may contact tplink support, send them the system log to analyze it. If it's given by your router, make sure there is no filtering setting on the router, like access control, MAC filtering.


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