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    T2600G-28TS - no SFP inbound traffic

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    I had two TP-Link switches connected via SFP-Modules (Ethernet)
    which worked fine for many months.

    Today I replaced the old TL-SG3109 with a new T2600G-28TS
    and: the SFP-connection is not working any more:

    The SFP-Module is detected and a green icon within the web-interfaces indicates that it is working (somewhat).
    However, neither the TL-SG3210 nor devices attached to it are reachable (ping, ...)
    also, the T2600G-28TS' traffic-monitor shows that there is outgoing but NO incoming traffic at all.

    The fibre is fine (switched back to the old TL-SG3109 for testing)!

    Is this a config issue with the new T2600G-28TS?
    Firmware is the latest available.

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    Just had a look at the Web-Interface of the TL-SG3210 attached to the other end of the fiber.
    The TL-SG3210 does NOT indicate, that the SFP is connected! (non-green within web-interface)

    However: the TL-SG3210 DOES receive traffic on the SFP-Port.
    Furthermore, the TL-SG3210 shows some ARP-entries from devices that are attached to the other end of the fiber!

    So it looks like:
    T2600G-28TS -> TL-SG3210 works
    T2600G-28TS <- TL-SG3210 does not work

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    It's abnormal that TL-SG3210 doesn't show the green icon on the web. It represents that the SFP module doesn't work on the switch.
    Maybe you can try to force the SFP port to 1000M speed and FULL duplex on the web-interface.


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