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    T2600G-28TS - no SFP inbound traffic

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    I had two TP-Link switches connected via SFP-Modules (Ethernet)
    which worked fine for many months.

    Today I replaced the old TL-SG3109 with a new T2600G-28TS
    and: the SFP-connection is not working any more:

    The SFP-Module is detected and a green icon within the web-interfaces indicates that it is working (somewhat).
    However, neither the TL-SG3210 nor devices attached to it are reachable (ping, ...)
    also, the T2600G-28TS' traffic-monitor shows that there is outgoing but NO incoming traffic at all.

    The fibre is fine (switched back to the old TL-SG3109 for testing)!

    Is this a config issue with the new T2600G-28TS?
    Firmware is the latest available.

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    Just had a look at the Web-Interface of the TL-SG3210 attached to the other end of the fiber.
    The TL-SG3210 does NOT indicate, that the SFP is connected! (non-green within web-interface)

    However: the TL-SG3210 DOES receive traffic on the SFP-Port.
    Furthermore, the TL-SG3210 shows some ARP-entries from devices that are attached to the other end of the fiber!

    So it looks like:
    T2600G-28TS -> TL-SG3210 works
    T2600G-28TS <- TL-SG3210 does not work


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