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    Speed test with Deco app VS direct connected(wire) pc to Router Deco half speed?

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I under stand that they may be going to different sites to check speed, what(where) does deco go to test its speed so I can compare apples to apples?

    Deco speed test shows like 112
    PC connected wired to deco router- around 54

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    You may use www.speedtest.net.

    This link will help you clarify speed issue about deco

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    This only talks about Wireless. I have a direct wire(ethernet) from a pc and its runs half speed of routers internal test speed. 112.5 Mbps download, and 10.9Mbps upload in deco app. When test on pc, 59.0Mbps download and 9.75Mbps. Again this is NOT wireless. So the link really does not help

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    For clarity, what are the settings on your PC ethernet interface? Is it set to auto-negotiate on duplex? (it should not be on half and especially not on full as the Deco end has no settings)
    Is the PC interface Gigabit or 100M?


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