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    New router with old adapter and extenders (TL-WPA4220 Kit) - both old and new wifi network names persist

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    Hi - I've gotten a new modem/router from my provider. I paired and cloned my adapter to it, but now I can see both the old and new network names. I've factory reset both the adapter and the two extenders, today, and I can still see both networks. I have also updated the firmware. The equipment is TL-WPA4220 kit, plus another extender. Router is a Sagecom Plusnet Hub One. I have confirmed that they TP-Link devices are the cause of the old network name appearing by powering all three off, in which case the old network name disappears.

    Using the Utility, I can see all three elements of the kit, but I can't find any way to edit which network names they are broadcasting as. I tried clicking on the "Website" link on the utility for each device, but I'm prompted to login and don't know where to find those details.

    My goal for removing the old network is that something is causing our laptops to lose network connectivity a few times per hour, which is really annoying. Our ISP says that the line into the house has been online for the past 30 days, so something inside the house is causing the issue. Also, I don't like the idea of this extra network hanging around for no reason. Seems like a security risk....

    Thanks for your help.

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    The login username and password are both admin. You may login to check the wireless network name and password of both extenders. Maybe one of the units still has its own wireless settings, so you can see the default network name.


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