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    Nc450 connected to wifi but app cant find camera

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    Hi all, My Camera was working fine but internet went down for a few days when it came back camera was no longer working. I’ve tried resetting but doesn’t work. Camera appears to connect to router (solid green light) both wirelessly and with ethernet cable but the app cannot find the camera, i’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling, also tried removing the camera and trying to find it again. Any ideas how to fix this?Thanks
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    is your smart phone connected to the same router which your camera is connected to?

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    yes, connected and standing right beside It. Tried with camera Ethernet connected and wifi connected.

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    You tried factory reset the cam? Also you can configure it through web interface.

    Or update firmware

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    no, I haven't tried that, just holding the WPS button at the back. I will try that his evening, thanks

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    Hi Alanmorr,

    How did the factory reset work out for you?


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    I've tried both factory reset and updating firmware but neither work, app still cant find the camera, have I got a dud camera or is there anything else I can try?

    Camera worked through web interface so isn't completely broken.

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    any ideas guys?

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    Re install the camera app or update it. Make sure your phone connects to the same home network (same band, no guest network) , no AP isolation or filtering on your router.

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    Hi Anton, I've reinstalled
    the App also, and tried It on different devices but still won't pick up the camera when Its searching for It, all are on the same wifi network

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    Hey, contact tplink support to figure it out. I dont know what could be the cause.

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    nice view here this camera good product


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