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    SMB v1 protocol is not supported anymore in windows 10 We need SMB v2 or v3

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    I have an Archer C2 v1 and i cannot acces anymore any USB drive(sda) connected to router USB port via tplinklogin.net because router have an old SMB1 protocol and is needed SMB2 or 3. What can we do in this situation? I think probably all your routers are in the same situation now...

    There is any other posibilities to acces usb shares from router in windows 10?

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    Hi! There is a way to enable smb1 in WIN10 and to use it with old devices. SMB1 has security issues that's why is desibled by default. If that does not bother you - than Google it and enable smb1 .

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    TP-LINK said they will add SMB V2 feature on their routers in the future.

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    Don't expect SMBv2/3 protocol enabled in the next 3 years...

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    Then, they should hurry, because we pay them for that. We buyed their products...

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    Don't know about the C2 but it has been enabled in Version 18 of the C7 V2 Routers even on the Beta Firmware here :



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    Smb v2 exists since Vista OS (deprecated). So...

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    TP-Link are working on this case and will add support of SMB version 2 for your model in the near future.
    Here is the solution for your to access the USB devices connect on our router.
    a) If you do not want to use SMB 1.0 anymore, you can use FTP to easily access the USB memory on your TP-Link router using the Internet browser. Alternatively, you can also use the FTP protocol with e.g. Cyberduck, FileZilla or WinSCP access the memory.
    b) You may also continue using SMB1.0, please enable SMB 1.0 support on your windows 10 computer follow these steps
    1. Enter sys in the search box of the Windows taskbar and then select "Control Panel".
    2. In the upper right corner, under "Display", select "Category" ().
    3. Click on "Programs" and then on "Programs and Features".
    4. Click "Turn Windows features on or off".
    5. In the Windows Features window, enable "Support for SMB 1.0 / CIFS File Sharing" and click "OK.
    6. Click "Restart Now" to complete the installation.


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