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    Wa801nd very weak receiver signal strength

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    I am on holiday in Jamaica. My son brought the UK version 5, WA801ND to enable WiFi in his apartment. We had planned to use an existing ethernet ethernet cable but it seems to lock up the router so am trying to use the 801ND as a WiFi repeater. We are in an area with only one other WiFi system so no congestion. If I place the 801ND a few meters from the router it picks up the WiFi signal. If I move it to the next room and close the door the signal strength LED turns orange even though my 3 year old phone still gets a strong signal from the router. I have tried several different locations, upstairs, downstairs etc and all have the same result. There are no cordless phones, there are microwave ovens but rarely used. The house construction concrete frame, wooden doors etc. It seems possible that the unit is faulty. I guess that it might be trying to connect at 5ghz instead of 2.4 but surely it would auto connect at the strongest frequency? So perhaps that's the fault. Any suggestions. My son returns to UK this Friday and we go on Tuesday so it would be nice to leave it here working.

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    USA v uk

    As a follow up to my original question...is there a problem using a UK spec WiFi adapter with USA spec router? As far as I know the only difference is possibly USA uses channel 13 but UK doesn't. Any other considerations?

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    There is orange signal light on version 5? Shouldn't it just be on or off?
    Don't put it too far from your router particularly when there is doors, walls and obstacles like that. Wireless signal will be affected.
    BTW, wa801nd doesn't support 5GHz.

    It's OK to UK spec adapter with USA spec router. channel aside, need to consider power supply specification, does it work in your country. And as far as I know, tplink doesn't provide global warranty, so be carefully if you buy one tplink device and use it in other country.

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    Hi. Yes the normally green led turns orange which I assume indicates weak signal. I have improved the situation by positioning the access point almost diagonally opposite the router but in the same room. If I was still there I would try extending the low power lead and put the ap just outside the window, as that window just had slats instead of glass and they are open most of the time. At the moment the signal reaches the outside of the other apartment but fades away when you step indoors.

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    you may need more powerful extender, or more.


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