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    TL-PA9020P: Pairing

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    Hi i have currenty the TL-PA9020p kit can anyone tell me if you can get a single additional AV2000 unit, i have read on other posts that you would have to purchase another kit. I have heard that the AV and AV2 systems are reverse compatiable so my question is it possible to pair a AV600 nano unit to my AV2000 units ? Or do i have to by another PA9020p kit.

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    All tplink powerline units are compatible with each other. The thing is the powerline rate will be limited by the lower one in the network, if you pair a AV600 with AV2000, the powerline rate between them is 600mbps maximum, in other words, actual internet speed is about 240mbps. And if the AV600 has 100mpbs Ethernet port, it cut down to 100. That's not a problem if your network speed is that fast. They don't sell single powerline any more, if any, the model is old, like WPA4220. Maybe you can still find it online.


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