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I have three tp-link managed Ethernet switches (T2600G-52TS, T2600-28TS and T2500G-10TS) and I am unable to get the STP Edge Port configuration to take on all of the selected ports. I am using SONOS Media Players and they recommend the Edge Port be enabled for any port that has a SONOS device connected to it. I can go into the configuration and make the changes and they are accepted. When I come back some of the ports have been set to disabled.

I am turning off STP and then doing the individual port modifications. The port modifications are accepted. I then turn on the global STP and when I go back and review some of the ports have been disabled.

T2600G-52TS2.0 Firmware: 2.0.0 Build 20170323
T2600G-28TS2.0 Firmware: 2.0.0 Build 20170928
T2500G-10TS1.0 Firmware: 1.0.1 Build 20171225

Any ideas?