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    Exclamation RE200 losing connection and not responding after few minutes

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    I am trying to use the RE200 as a WIFI adapter / bridge for my Telekom MR401 Media Receiver.
    I have set the everything up successfully (connected to my 5ghz network, deactivated extension mode for both 2.4 and 5 ghz, connected the receiver via LAN to the RE200, RE200 get's IP Adress and is reachable via ping and browser).
    Everything seems to work fine, but somehow after 5-10 Minutes the receiver looses connection and the RE200 is not responding at all (no answer to pings, browser setup page cannot be reached etc.)
    The LEDs seem to indicate that Everything is connected, however I need to unplug the RE200 from power completely and replug it in order to get it working again.
    The system log does not show any errors whatsoever. I also upgraded the firmware to the newest version: 1.1.5 Build 20180208 Rel. 62854
    The problem seems to be related to using the MR401, when I dont turn it on, the RE200 does not seem to lose the connection at all, responding to pings and http requests fine for over 30 mins now.

    Any chance someone here could help me?

    Greetings and thanks in advance

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    Connect the receiver to your router directly, or to other network to see if such problem happens. If it only has problem with the tplink, could be compatibility issue. Better contact tplink support in that case.

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    restart two device and wait 5 minutes, I have done so and my android phone connects perfectly
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