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Thread: Range Extension

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    Range Extension

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    I am trying to extend my WiFi range from the back of the house down the garden. I have had so much conflicting advice from Maplins, Curry’s and even my own IT department at work, that I thought I would ask you guys.Here is what I have at the moment:BT infinity WiFi.From the router I have Ethernet cables running through the walls to the top of the house and the back.The tv and pc for example conch to the network through Ethernet cables from network switches.I want to be able to connect an access point to the network switch to extend the WiFi. I don’t want to connect it to the BT router by WiFi but through the switch using an Ethernet cable.I want to be able to connect to the access point as if it was just an extension of the BT WiFi router. So if I walk from one end of the house out into the garden with a phone, it will stay connected to the network without having to select a new WiFi point and enter a new password.I did try it with an old BT hub 5 but it had to have a new login and password if I was in the garden.Seen some nice TP bits that I am sure can do it.Advice would be appreciated.

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    What's the distance from the back of your house to the garden? Range of indoor access points like AP500, AP300 is no more than 20 meters. If that's enough, you can go ahead and install one to your network switch. Set same network name and password as your BT WiFi. Usually it won't ask you to type in password, or reconnect to the AP network. Maybe there is a few seconds that connection drops. Or you can buy a range extender, like RE650, RE450, identical range. Put it in some socket halfway between the garden and your house.

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    20 metered should be fine.Thanks for the advice.


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