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    Problems using Deco M5 to extend Original Wifi Network

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    I have a Archer VR2800 which provides my main WiFi Network (in both 5 & 2.4G). All my devices such as SONOS, Philips Hue, Nest Cameras etc are connected to either the 5G, 2.4G or LAN networks.

    I purchased the Deco M5 to extend the range of my original network. After initial installation in the default 'Router' mode where I had to create a new wifi network name, I accessed the advanced settings and changed it to 'Access Point'.

    Now I am seeing my original 5G and 2.4G WiFi networks, but I am still seeing the name of the Deco M5 WiFi name that I was prompted to enter on initial instalation. The Deco M5 is providing the extended range I was after, just with a different network, which If I am connected means that I cannot control any of the Philips Hue lights or play music through my SONOS speakers which are connected to my original WiFi.

    Does anybody know How I can use the Deco M5 to totally replicate my original router settings/WiFi Networks???

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Michael,

    You can setup the Deco on AP mode, then all the devices connected to Deco and VR2800 are in the same network, and can communicate to each other.


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