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    Can't connect smart bulb to different wireless access point on same network

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    Hi,I have one network at home, with 3 different wireless access points (WAPs), these are House, GamesRoom and Outside.I have Alexa connected to my house WAP and I want to control a bulb next to my Outside WAP.When I try to set it up it just fails, says the wireless password is incorrect and I know it is right.If I connect it to the House WAP all is ok. My problem is the bulb can only just see the House network as it is quite a distance away.Is it supported to connect a smart bulb to a different WAP to the one your Alexa is sonnected to, even when these WAPs are on the same local network?Thanks

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    It's OK to connect a smart bulb to a different WAP to the one Alexa is connected to. What's the security type of your Outside WAP? Only WEP and WPA-PSK password are supported. And you may forget the Outside WAP on your phone or other device, reconnect, enter its Wi-Fi password to see what happen


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