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    TL-MR6400 DDNS and Remote Admin not working - wrong WAN IP addresses?

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have a TL-MR6400 with an EE pay as you go sim card.

    I am ultimately trying to gain remote access to a web server attached to the router using port forwarding.

    I am however unable to access the router remotely either via direct IP or via DDNS.

    On a PC connected to the router I am able to access the internet and the status page of the router has Connection Status: Connected.

    The router status page shows an IP address "100.124.XXX.XXX" (Ive used Xs to mask actual address and ill call this one <IP1>.)

    Using DDNS with noip reports a different ip address "213.205.XXX.XXX" <IP2>. this is the same using the router DDNS to report IP or using the noip client on a PC.

    Under remote management I have setup:

    Web Management Port: 8081


    Remote Management IP Address:

    - Saved

    I am unable to access remote management via <IP1>:8081 or <IP2>:8081. I have also tried a number of other port numbers

    Pinging address <IP1> is unsuccessfull

    Pinging address <IP2> is unsuccessfull

    Running a tracert from a pc connected to the router does not show up either <IP1> or <IP2>.

    I have no idea whats happening......

    Any help greatly appreciated

    Firmware Version:
    1.0.15 Build 170912 Rel.75663n
    Hardware Version:
    MR6400 v2 00000000

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    What port had you opened for the web server? It should not be the same as the remote management port 8081? If you want to access the router's web server, then no need to set port forwarding. Just remote management is enough.

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    What's the firmware of your TP-link TL-MR6400?


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