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    Av1000 tl-pa7010p

    Model :

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    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have the passthrough AV1000 powerline, UK. TL-PA7010P.

    The powerline on my computer was properly paired and workign well.

    I then activated my 3rd party VPN (PureVPN). This caused the powerline to disconnect, and my WIFI kicked instead.

    I then discovered that the pwerline adapter was non-functioning. When plugged in to mains I see only the pair light (not blinking), not power LED. The utility software can't find it. The reset option (press pair for 15s) doesn't work.

    I swapped for a spare adapter and now everything's working again.

    Do we know anything about VPN software killing powerline adapters?

    Do we know of any way to reset/repair other than the reset option in the manual (which as stated above doesn't work).


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    Never heard of this...How did you install the VPN? If the Ethernet light is not turned on any more, you cannot connect it to computer to let the utility discover it, thus cannot reset it through the utility. It sounds like the unit is bricked. Tplink has a recover tool which you may use to unbrick it. Contact them.


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