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    Cool Archer_VR2800_As A media Player...NO Good_Rubbish!!

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    I have a TP-LINK_Archer 2800.
    I also have a 1TB usb_3 external hard drive attached to the router.
    I have several films in Avi, Mp4, Mkv Format.
    I was going to use this router as a Media Player to my Smart LG TV set
    But it seems to me that the Archer 2800 is not capable of doing that.
    If I put more than 24 films in the root directory of the usb drive
    It will not acknowledge that they are there.
    If I create folders and fill them with films, it does not matter what format they are in it
    will not acknowledge there is a folder there.
    I will point out if I connect using my PC to the routerís usb drives I can see every file.
    Move, Delete, Rename.
    Everything is good in that department
    As a Media Player I am very, very disappointed in it.
    I have gone back to using Serviio on my pc for distributing my media.
    I have not made my mind up yet to whether I am going to keep this Router!
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    Maybe it's compatibility issue? Suggest you contact the tplink support, email them, to figure it out.

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    I don't think so .
    It does not work with LG TV,Samsung or Philips TV.
    It is the same scenario with all 3 TVs.
    I have raised and Issue with the Tech Dep at TP.
    Awaiting their response !
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    I just tried a 32GB USB memory stick with a selection of films in various formats and it all worked fine with my LG TV. Did you log into the router and check the drive is mounted all OK? Is the disk format FAT32 or NTFS as per the user manual?

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    These are the specs I am running with!
    I have 1 WD Black 1TB hard drive and
    1 Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB 2.5 inch Solid State Drive
    attached to the router.
    They were both set up and activated correctly
    The drives are both formatted NTFS
    All the films were copied to the drive by using the Network sharing method.
    Every single Folder and file on both hard drives could be seen by all pcs on the network.
    Network/Media Server Name was changed in the router.
    Number of films on the drive 500 or there about.
    TV set is LG TV model (LG 65SJ850V).
    I have worked out why it was not working.
    Here is what I did
    Log into the router
    Turn off the Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB 2.5 inch Solid State Drive in the router
    Re name the router Media Server Name
    Turn the LG TV off at the plug (not at the switch on the tv set)
    Re boot the router.
    Turn the LG TV set back on
    That’s it. Job Done.
    I can see all my video.


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