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    Archer C9 / Extender T8E Win10 issues

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    Hi everyone -

    I posted this question with TP Link support, but they haven't been all that responsive on the matter. I changed my Archer C9 5 Ghz broadcast to 802.11ac only, then have the Archer RE305 Range Extender in the middle rebroadcasting this same signal. My PC has the T8E wireless card in it but for whatever reason, I can't get the T8E card to connect to the RE305 using the AC signal, only showing connected via 802.11n in Windows 10. I have another laptop in the same room connected to the extender (also Windows 10) and is showing that it is connected via 802.11ac (non TP-Link card).

    Anyone have any thoughts on this one? Oddly enough the TP-Link utility (which apparently cannot be uninstalled on Windows 10) shows AC, but Windows 10 is still showing 802.11n in the control panel as well as if you display via command prompt and the "radio type" with netsh command.
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    They said it's a display issue, actually it's on 11ac. They provided a link of a driver that address this problem. I didn't install it.

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    Appreciate the tip, however when trying to install this driver, it's unsigned and actually get an error when trying to install it.
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    maybe some programs on your computer, firewall, antivirus, is preventing the installation. go into safe mode and try again.


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