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    Question Getting VPN pass through working

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    Are there any known settings to get VPN pass through to work?

    This not configuring the router as a VPN End Point. One laptop has an AT&T VPN client installed which can get through on other locations even the Gym public access network. will not work at home. The client PC can authenticate on the Wi-Fi and get internet access but even using a wired connection does not work.

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    What's the model number of your device? And hardware/firmware version? Do you mean that if the client PC connects to the tplink Wi-Fi, you can connect to VPN; but not via wired connection to router?

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    Sorry, blindingly obvious detail I should have included.

    TD-W9970 v2

    Internet access works on both connection methods but VPN pass-through will not work on either.

    0.9.1 0.2 v0076.0 Build 170919 Rel.61201n


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    If VPN passthrough is enable but doesn't work, I think you can email tplink support to fix it.


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