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    Switch T1600G-28TS Vlan

    Model : T1600G-28TS

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Estou tentando configurar as Vlan's no switch, da seguinte maneira:
    Cada porta do switch deve se comunicar apenas com a porta 1. Mas quando coloco as Vlan's para falar com minha RB o status está ok, mas não está funcionando, não consigo ter respostas do IP que está apontado pra Vlan, mas quando coloco o IP direto na porta que o switch está conectado tenho resposta. Mas não é assim que deveria funcionar.

    Acredito que eu deveria colocar a porta um como "trunk" mas não estou achando isso.

    I'm trying to set up Vlan's on the switch, as follows:
    Each switch port should only communicate with port 1. But when I put Vlan's to talk to my RB the status is ok, but it is not working, I can not get IP responses that are pointed at Vlan, but when I put the IP Direct on the port that the switch is connected I have answer. But this is not how it should work.

    :louco:I think I should put the door one like "trunk" but I'm not finding it.

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    You just need to assign port 1 as a member of all VLANs to make it a trunk port.

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    Boa tarde.
    Não compreendi ainda, pois existe uma Vlan do sistema crianda com todas as portas.
    Então crio uma Vlan, por exemplo: Vlan 107 - Porta 7 (Untagged) e para porta 1 (tagged)
    Mas a Vlan não funciona.
    Existe algo que estou deixando passar. Já configurei outros switch e não tive tantas dificuldades.

    Good afternoon.
    I did not understand it yet, because there is a Vlan of the gaming system with all the gates.
    So I create a Vlan, for example: Vlan 107 - Port 7 (Untagged) and port 1 (tagged)
    But Vlan does not work.

    There's something I'm letting go. I already configured other switches and I did not have so many difficulties.

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    Obrigado consegui resolver como na imagem em anexo!

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    I don't understand spanish language, but what I see from the screenshots is that VLAN 1002 has only one member (port 2), which makes no sense.

    All other ports are set up correctly, except that they all are members of the System VALN, too. Why did you assign access ports to the System VLAN? They should be member of one VLAN only as an access port, except if you want to have them process untagged frames arriving at port 1, too.


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