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    Cool Change WorkGroup on Archer VR2800

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    I am trying to change the WORKGROUP name of my TP-LINK ARCHER VR2800.
    I have looked and looked for the setting for this and can not find it.
    Does anyone know how to do it OR can it NOT be done ?

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    There are possibly ways to do this and is the same on all VR versions of this router .

    Go look at some of my posts , you need to tweek a config file and re upload it , similar to getting true telnet " NOT TP Link Telnet " to work on these.

    This is done to allow Real Telnet / changing DynDns or OpenDNS or NO-IP settings etc , so I assume the workgroup could be changed just as easy.
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    Thanks Dink,
    I have taken a look at your previous posts.
    As this is all NEW to me I assume I edit the conf.bin file to make the changes?
    As this is a binary file which is the best program to edit it and make the changes.?

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    No problem , try the link for your answer Yes it involves modding the config.bin , which is compressed .

    But don't worry if you get it wrong , re upload the original and it will return to normal ,if you manage to completely freak it out ,
    not sure you could but if you did simply do a factory reset, then re upload your original good bin file.

    I have the VR900v2 and the config modifying works pukka for telnet access , I did a quick list of how I accomplished it straight after doing mods
    to file on the forum, more of a note for me incase I needed to refer back.

    There are lots of other references on the kitz site for the VR range and a few doing some mods , trawl about on there
    its full of interesting bitz not just the forum , also look at the kitz info pages , there are even pictures of roadside cabinets
    and breakdowns of whether there is a Broadcom or Lantiq DSLAM inside so you can match the best router for the job.

    If it works fine for you please do me a favour and log onto kitz forum , on the link above and confirm working for VR2800,
    just checked link and there are VR2800 users confirming it works for telnet , you will need to look for WORKGROUP bit and modify
    it to what you want if you can't find what you need ask there you have more chance of an answer.

    If you can't do it with config file then shout at www.tp-link.com and ask for a firmware update to allow this , but don't tell them
    you've tried to modify config.bin they won't be impressed .

    When I get time I'll be uploading some pictures of inside the VR900v2 on kitz and how to get in it without breaking it .
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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.

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    Thanks Dink for all the Info and links .
    I will sure use the link and bone up on this subject,
    I am all new to this so it might take me a while,
    If I have any success I will be sure to post my results on the forum.
    Thanks again.........


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