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    Question Configuring DHCP for wireless clients on Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router

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    Hi everybody. I have a TP-Link TD-8961ND Wireless N ADSL2+ modem router which I would like to use to provide wireless internet for a meeting room.<br>
    The Internet source is an Ethernet cable which I connect to one of the LAN ports of the router and then use the router as access point to distribute Internet by wi-fi. The network signal comes into the room through a wall socket (RJ-45), into which I connect a TP-Link desktop switch, which is in turn connected to the wireless router. (This is the available equipment and I have to find a solution using these)<br>
    I initially tried a basic configuration just to see how the clients received the signal and everything went great. By basic configuration, I mean, simply configuring the SSID and a static address from the incoming local network as ISP address. The clients all connected to the wireless signal and had Internet access. The main problem here being that it entails me always being available to configure static address details for the wireless network on each connected client before they can have Internet.<br>
    For this reason, I decided to go for a DHCP configuration by which any client which connects to the wireless router will have its IP configuration automatically set for immediate use. This is where my problem lies.<br>
    I have been trying for many hours now, have dug through the web in search for a solution, I'm unable to configure the DHCP service on the router. From <strong>Interface -&gt; Interface Setup -&gt; LAN -&gt; DHCP</strong> each time I enable DHCP (by checking "Enabled") and save, the page just stares at me, no reaction. I have tried changing the IP address and starting IP address for the pool to no effect. I tried using different browsers, still no difference. I even tried tweaking lots of other parameters: Bridge Mode for Encapsulation (instead of static address from incoming network), router local IP as default private address or as an address from the incoming network (with bridge mode enabled), and many other little pointless changes. No good!<br>
    Please, can anyone help me out here? Is what I'm trying to do even possible at all?

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    UK TalkTalk VDSL customer on 80/20 Mbps line.


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