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    Dear All,

    i have configued ipsec site to site vpn between tp-link TD-W9977 and cyberoam 10wing firewall

    as checke phas1 & phase 2 both paramters are crrect.
    All local & wan( peer ip ) of both device check twise & are correct as per my observation.

    Then also vpn is not getting up.

    Alos checked live packet capture on cyberoam device on UDP port 500 & found cyberoam is trying to send packet to peer tp-link device but there is no incoming packet.

    I called tp-link support but they were not able to provide solution for it.

    can anyone help on this.

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    TD-W9977 is NOT a product for business. It's a SOHO product and please turn to corresponding sub-section forum.


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