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[h=2]Please advise: can't setup FAQ 707 (High Speed) Application Scenarios 4 or 5[/h]
The "high speed" mode as indicated in FAQ 707 Application Scenarios 4 and 5 doesn't seem to be available on my just-purchased RE650. This is the ability to set extender to router communications over one band to allow extender to devices communication over the other, thus theoretically increasing capacity for device communications. Please advise as this specific capability was the determining factor for obtaining this device.

I have HW Version RE650 v1.0 and Firmware 1.0.1 Build 20170420 Rel 31473 (8583).

The "High Speed" option isn't on the menu under Wireless. I of course checked all the other menu options as well and could not find this capability listed. Any ideas?

Thank you!