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    TL-R480T+ : Load Balancing and routing Policies

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    I have a TP-R480T+, firmware V9 with 2 wan and one lan.
    The Load Balancing Work well, but a have a problem. I have make 2 routing Policy for 2 servers. The 2 servers have to use Wan1.

    When the 2 wan are online, no problem, but when the Wan1 is offline, the 2 servers have not internet. Routing policy is incompatible with load balancing when one wan is offline ?

    For all over PC, when Wan1 is offline, Wan2 give internet.

    Thanks a lot and sory for my very poor english.

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    Hi I think this is what Policy Routing does. When Policy Routing directs to a disconnected WAN port, router ensures clients could get online at the first priority and directs to connected connection as you were saying.

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    I think too, but no

    When i create a policies routing, for exemple PC1 go to Wan1, If Wan1 is down, PC1 have not internet. But all over PC that have not policies routing have internet with Wan2....


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