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Thread: TL-er6120

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    Good day, I have a tl-er6120 in which I have some problems, before using it update to the latest firmware version, I have the following scene two wan, one with PPPoE / and the wan 2 with DHCP that gets it from a router from another provider, in which I see in the log that every 5 minutes they regain the ip, and I find it strange, probe with fixed ip respecting the same range but it does not give me internet access. I have the equipment just coom FAILOVER between wan1 and wan2 as backup., I do not know what I can be doing wrong, thank you very much

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    Hi could you get access to Internet when you connect only one connection? For the ip respecting, I was wondering if you're mentioning ping test of packets via ICMP. It's may be about Online Detection feature.


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