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    T2600G-52TS 2.0 (Firmware: Version 2.0.0 Build 20170323 Rel 39526(s) Failures

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    1. I purchased this switch new from Amazon a few months back in addition 1 - T2600G-28TS and 1- T2500G-10TS. The T2600G-TS and T2500G-10TS appear to be working correctly.
    2. I am trying to configure the TG2600G-52TS with a static IP and that appears to be working correctly.
    3.I am then able to label each of the ports.
    4. I am able to save the configuration, but periodically the switch will initiate the save and the revert the switch back to factory defaults.
    5. If I attempt to configure STP and then configure individual ports, the switch will periodically lock up and take down the entire network.
    6. I have tried resetting the switch to factory defaults numerous times.
    7. I then tried configure the switch with only a single computer connected to it and I am having the same results.
    8. The T2600G-52TS is connected to a Comcast DPC3914T Gateway.
    9. The T2600G-27TS is connected to the TG2600G-52TS.
    10. The T2500G-10TS is connected to the TG2500G-52TS.
    11. I have SONOS components connected to all switches have STP enable on all ports to which they are connected. The interconnect ports on the tp-link switches have STP enabled.
    12. The tp-link managed switches are replacing Dell PowerConnect 2816 ands 2808 managed switches that have started to fail.

    How good it the lifetime warranty from tp-link?

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    I think I may have figured out the issue.

    1. When configuring STP/RSTP port settings, the users guide suggest that you disable the Global STP/RSTP Config prior to making changes.
    2. Make the STP/RSTP changes to the individual ports.
    3. Enable the Global STP/RSTP Config.

    Since following this procedure, the switch seems to be operating correctly.


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