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    TL-R600VPN - LAN port vs WAN/LANs

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    The TL-R600VPN is a wired router with one inbound WAN port, 3 ports labeled "WAN/LAN", and 1 port labeled "LAN". I connect DSL in to my WAN port, and a windows PC to the LAN port; the PC connects to internet ok. If I connect the PC to one of the WAN/LAN ports, then it does not connect to internet. What is the difference between the LAN vs WAN/LAN ports?


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    You guys why NOT read official document?? their detailed guide answer most questions here..Stil cannot understand why spend more time asking here but not take less time looking for answer in a given doc.
    The WAN/LAN ports means you could select by yourself if the port is a WAN port or a LAN port manually. You could go to Network--->WAN--->WAN mode to change if the port is a WAN port or a LAN port.

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    Thank you featherbeard. Can you give a URL to the document you reference? I was not able to find it.


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