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    Lightbulb Archer Mr6400 Suddenly stops responding No internet can't access webpage

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    Hello viewersI have recently bought a Archer Mr400 and have been facing issues during heavy load, usually at night hours I get 60-80 MB speed from my 4G network and during heavy downloading the router suddenly stops working. I had to than manually power off an on it to work. Sometimes it stops 2 or e times a day. I have a loadbalancer after the router while handles all the transfersPreviously I was using Mr6400 without any issues with the same network and speed. Kindly help me for a solution, Thanks
    Edit: The router Model is MR400 AC1350 not 6400
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    Angry Same Problem

    i have the same problem with my Archer MR400. While i download some SteamGames or watch Netflix the router stops working and i have to unplug the power cord.
    i tried to reset, reinstall the firmware and power it off for more then 1h. So if there is no fix for this it will go back.

    Firmware Version: 1.2.0 0.9.1 v0001.0 Build 170907 Rel.59292n
    Hardware Verssion: Archer MR400 v1 00000001

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    Does your MR400 work in 3G/4G router mode? When the router stops, are you able to access its admin interface?

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    Its set to work at 4G always and it still has the same issue today I had to turn it off and on manually almost three times. and while it stops working I can't access the admin interface. I have tried everything upgrading the frimware, reseting to defaults but no use. please help

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    When the router stops I can't access its webpage but I am able to ping the gateway IP

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    I have a similar issue with a TL-MR3620 router and Telstra Dongle. The Internet works for a couple of hours, then the router throws it out. I can still see the router web page, but the connection shows continually reconnecting. The internet dongle works forever plugged directly in a computer. The dongle is a E8372h Telstra (As recommended on the TPlink page) and to make it more reliable, I turned off the dongles in built wifi. If the dongle is unplugged from the router and re plugged, it works again for a while. Restarting the router works for a while as well. Both the dongle and the router have the latest firmware,

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    contact tplink support to solve it


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