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    Question IPSec VPN between ER604W

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    Hi everyone,

    I try to etablish a IPSec gateway between two TL-ER604W.
    Both are behind Orange Livebox with internet connection FTTh.
    Both are on DMZ.
    Both internet connection are on static wan ip.
    My network :
    lan1 ( >> ER604W (0.254 / 11.11) >> Livebox (11.1) >> INTERNET << Livebox (21.1) << ER604W (21.11 / 2.254) << lan2 (

    Both ER604W are logging sames :
    2018-02-24 10:16:04 <5> : IKE began to negotiate as initiator Mode=main, peers =<-> 88.122.xxx.yyy
    2018-02-24 11:05:59 <5> : IKE began to negotiate as responder Mode=main, peers=<-> 88.122.xxx.yyy

    Thanks for your help !

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    What's the problem here You cannot connect the IPsec lan-to-lan VPN connection or any other issue?

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    Hello, in recent experience with creation of ipsec vpn tunnel with internet provider orange at both ends, the ipsec tunnel connection was very slow and occasionally truncated. I understand that it was a firewall problem and nat of the orange routers. The solution in my case was the creation of a LAN-TO-LAN PPTP / L2TP vpn tunnel, the connection works much faster and more stable.


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