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Thread: Nc260

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    Model :

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    I would like to know whats the rtsp for NC260.
    I tried the following rtsp taken from ISPY:
    but it didn't work.
    I tried this rtsp in ISPY, VLAN, QUICKTIME and CONTACAM but
    I couldnīt make this work.
    Anybody here knows what is the right rtsp for this model?

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    Hi Kevin SG
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the rstp that you mentioned didnīt work. But after a couple of days I finally found the right rstp:
    for example:
    It works fine on ISPY but I couldnīt make this work in VLC.
    Now Iīm looking for the rstp for audio streaming for the NC260. Does anybody here knows what it is?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Put that link in the FFMPEG(H264) URL box, delete Arguments content.


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