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    NC200 fails after updating it.

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    Greetings comrades, I have an NC200, after updating it with an android application it was left in red bulb, and no matter how long the reset button was pressed, then I connected it to the computer and it came out, you recognize it but it does not show me the data just shows the MAC information, and the other cups like the IP come out empty,

    someone knows how to mount the firmware back to the NC200 through a computer.

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    If the camera has a red light, and it did not respond to reset, it's probably faulty.

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    I already did everything, with the computer program and Android and it does not work, I even wrote to technical support, for the defective update and could not be anything because it is from Colombia or even an additional formatting program, simply tp-link no It gives me guarantee of nothing for damage caused by them.

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    Additional formatting program? You are not using tpcamera app to update? If you did the update go by the book, that would not void warranty I think.

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    mate, when updating says, connect the camera to the network cable and through the update program, I did it literally, and it stayed in red bulb and the reset button does not work.

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    any power outage or anyting happened during the firmware update?As far as I know., if any power outage , it will damage the camera. Did you see 100% after the firmeware update

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    Did you solve this? I have the same problem! Red light flickering after a failed firmware upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reslep67 View Post
    Did you solve this? I have the same problem! Red light flickering after a failed firmware upgrade
    there was no solution, according to the tp-link the problem is yours and not theirs, I finished it bouncing because there is no fix.


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